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Germany Olympic team

Olympic Games (Rising Sun)

We are happy to announce that our database has been updated with the information of all the matches of the Olympic Games Tournament published in the Rising Sun timeline. This means that Captain Tsubasa Stats is finally up to date, with the information of every game, player and team that appears in the manga.

The first game of the Madrid Olympic Games men’s tournament matches the host nation (Spain) against Cameroon. The story then covers the group stage of the tournament, with the focus in Japan‘s group (C), but also showing glimpses of what happened in group D, where Brazil and Germany where placed.

As of today, only the first two matches of the knockout stage have taken place. They are the following quarterfinal games:

The match between our heroes and the german team was an incredible battle that went to the extra time. During the game twelve goals were scored, five players had to leave the pitch due to injury, and the referee booked six german players.

In the end, Tsubasa managed to lead Japan to the victory and the next round (semifinals), where they will face the powerhouse Spain.

Apart from the new data about the Olympic Games, we have added new information to our database:

  • Injuries: If a player is injured during a game and has to leave the field because of this, it is recorded in the stats (heart-shaped icon).
  • Venues: When the stadium where a match took place is known, it is marked in the game recap and some match lists.
  • Minute of highlights: When the exact moment of an important play is known (goals, bookings, injuries), now the minute is displayed in the boxscore.
  • Minutes played: The total minutes played by each character is displayed in the player lists. An elementary school match is 40 minutes long, a middle school match is 60 minutes, and the rest are 90 minutes. Some matches may be longer if there is relevant loss time or extra time.

This new information will be updated onto previous content over the next few weeks.

We hope that you enjoy Captain Tsubasa Stats and thank you for your support.

Misaki and Wakashimazu

Asian Olympic Qualifiers (Golden 23 part 2)

In the last part of the Golden 23 update, all the information of the Asian Olympic Qualifiers has been included (including a detailed tournament page). Japan had to win two group stages in order to qualify for the Madrid Olympics, its main rival being Australia.

Tsubasa, Hyuga, Aoi and Akai and were not available for these matches, because they were playing in Italy and Spain the final games of the season. Therefore, Taro Misaki had to lead the team to victory (although Hikaru Matsuyama acted as captain). Coach Kira also decided to play Ken Wakashimazu as a forward instead of goalkeeper, with great results (he scored many goals).

Most important new matches:

Most important new players:

This update wraps up the Golden 23 storyline. Coming up next is the Overseas Fierce Fight en la Liga storyline.

Tsubasa and Santana

World Youth Tournament

The World Youth Tournament took place in Japan, where the 16 best teams from around the world fighted for the trophy. After victories against Mexico, Uruguay, Italy and Holland, the Japan Youth team beat Brazil Youth in the final, and our heroes became world champions.

This tournament is the end of the World Youth storyline. Coming up next is the Road to 2002 storyline. As a preview, the last match of Tsubasa in Brazil, between Sao Paulo and Palmeiras, has been updated.

International Junior Youth

International Junior Youth storyline added

The International Junior Youth storyline has been added to Captain Tsubasa Stats!

All the friendly matches previous to the tournament and all the International Tournament matches have been uploaded to our database, with information about all the relevant players and teams.

On top of that, a new section called Tournaments is now available on the website. In this section you can check the results of the different tournaments that have been covered in Captain Tsubasa Stats. You can also see the top scorers, assiters and goalkeepers of each tournament.

The next update will cover the Elementary School timeline, from the beggining of the anime to the events already covered in the website.


Tsubasa blinking

Welcome to Captain Tsubasa Stats!

This website is a database of statistical information regarding the events of the Captain Tsubasa manga and anime series. This series is better known in the west with alternative names such as “Olive et Tom”, “Oliver y Benji”, “Super Campeones”, “Super Campeões”, “Capitão Falcão” or “Captain Majid”.

As a sports fan that loves to dig into player and team stats and as a Captain Tsubasa enthusiasts, I was really interested in checking each of my favorite players numbers, but was unable find this online. So I decided to do it myself!

This project is a work in progress. Currently I have covered all the events that took place during the Middle School storyline. The next storyline that will be covered is the international tournament that takes place right after the end of the Middle School National Tournament final between Nankatsu and Toho.

Not every single player of the Middle School storyline is covered, though. In order for a player to appear in his team’s member list he has to meet one of these requirments:

  • Score at least one goal.
  • Make at least one assist (goal pass).
  • Be named one of the top 24 players of the tournament.

Whenever a new storyline is completely uploaded I will update this post feed to let everybody know.

I hope you enjoy this site, have fun!