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Full Name
Shinnosuke Kazami
Current Team(s)
Japan (U23)
Past Teams
Japan 7

Shinnosuke Kazami is a japanese midfielder that used to play for the japanese futsal national team. He forms the “Futsal Combi” with Kotaro Furukawa.

Kazami usually plays in one of the wings, and represented the Japan U-23 team during the qualifiers for the Olympic Games. However, he did not make it for the Olympic team that played in the Madrid Olympics. He was also part of the Real Japan 11 team that later become known as Real Japan 7, with him being one of the four players that left the team before acting as sparrings for the Japan Under 19 national team.

Relationships: Kotaro Furukawa (best friend).

Videogames: Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team.

International Qualifiers

SeasonTeam Win RatioDraw RatioLoss Ratio
Pro (Golden 23)Japan (U23)21800000000100.000.000.00

International Friendly

SeasonTeam Win RatioDraw RatioLoss Ratio
Pro (Golden 23)Japan (U23)3180000000066.6733.330.00
Pro (Rising Sun)Japan (U23)1600000000100.000.000.00

Career Total

Season Win RatioDraw RatioLoss Ratio
Pro (Golden 23)5360000000080.0020.000.00
Pro (Rising Sun)1600000000100.000.000.00