About Captain Tsubasa Stats

Captain Tsubasa Stats is a research project with the goal of showing all the statistical data of every player that has appeared in the manga series. It is intended to be a reference for fans of Captain Tsubasa, football (soccer) and statistics, and it is constantly being updated.

The data shown in this website is based on information from the manga series, complemented with my own research (online and in other reference material, such as “Captain Tsubasa Data Book”).

For a goal, assist or a match played to be registered, there has to be a clear reference to it in the manga, and some “images” of the match. I have tried to be consistent with this criteria, but there could be some blurred lines.

Only relevant players have their own page with stats and biography information. Relevant players are the ones important to the story and/or the ones that have scored a goal, made an assist or been booked. Players that have dialogues in the videogame Captain Tsubasa: Rise of New Champions have also been included, even if they do not meet the usual criteria.

The following stats have been tracked for every player:

  • Games and minutes played.
  • Goals scored (for his team)  and own goals (unwillingly scored for the other team).
  • Assists (pass before a goal).
  • Bookings (red and yellow cards).
  • Injuries (that resulted in the player being substituted).
  • Stops (saves made by a goalkeeper or blocks to a shot made by a field player).
  • Clean sheets (for goalkeepers, defenders and defensive midfielders only).

Captain Tsubasa belongs to its creator, Yōichi Takahashi and all the graphical material borrowed from his creation is for illustration purposes only and under the terms of fair use. Some images have been taken from the games Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team (published by KLab) and the aforementioned Rise of New Champions (published by Bandai-Namco).

All the other material, product of my research, can be used non-profit as long as a reference to this website is made. Please enjoy, and if you detect any errors or have any comments feel free to contact me.

Thank you for your interest and support.

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