Rise of New Champions

Here you have information about the players that appear in the videogame Captain Tsubasa: Rise of New Champions, published by Namco Bandai in 2020, and available for PC, Play Station 4 and Nintendo Switch.

This game is set during the Middle School 3rd year timeline, when the Middle School Tournament took place. The game also covers a non canonical alternative version of the months following this tournament. In this version of the story, another middle school tournament is held in order to select the members of the japanese under 15 team that will compete in an international tournament held in the USA. In the original story Japan travels to Europe to participate in the International Junior Youth Tournament held in France.

In the following table you can check the attributes for each player as they appear in Captain Tsubasa Rise of New Champions. We have also added the height and weight of each player (where this info was available in some official Captain Tsubasa publication) and the average of the player’s stats (column named “Total”):

Player Stats

PlayerTeamPositionHeight (MS)Weight (MS)TechniqueOffensePowerSpeedDefenseTotal
jpnPicture of TsubasaTsubasaNankatsu MSMF16755969585908790.6
gerPicture of Karl Heinz SchneiderSchneiderGermany (U15)FW17158929798897590.2
argPicture of Juan DiazDíazArgentina (U15)MF16451979081958790.0
fraPicture of Elle Sid PierrePierreFrance (U15)MF17162968984878989.0
jpnPicture of Genzo WakabayashiWakabayashiJapan (U15)GK17063907290909888.0
gerPicture of Deuter MullerMullerGermany (U15)GK19396907198829687.4
nedPicture of Brian KluivoortKluivoortHolland (U19)FW--819592867986.6
itaPicture of Gino HernandezHernandezItaly (U15)GK17872937087839886.2
jpnPicture of Kojiro HyugaHyugaToho MSFW17059809696807886.0
fraPicture of Louis NapoleonNapoleonFrance (U15)FW17063869294877085.8
itaRuscianoItaly (U15)FW--819190907685.6
senSenghorSenegal (U15)MF--938980838285.4
jpnPicture of Jun MisugiMisugiMusashi MSMF--929079818485.2
engPicture of RobsonRobsonEngland (U15)DF17880787597809585.0
uruPicture of Ramon VictorinoVictorinoUruguay (U15)FW16857809084987284.8
gerPicture of Hermann KaltzKaltzGermany (U15)MF16255918288768584.4
jpnPicture of Taro MisakiMisakiJapan (U15)MF16553918677868084.0
fraJeanFrance (U15)DF--807682889383.8
gerPicture of Franz SchesterSchesterGermany (U15)MF16854918284788083.0
senDialloSenegal (U15)FW--818785907283.0
gerPicture of Manfred MargusMargusGermany (U15)FW17362829191807082.8
jpnPicture of Hikaru MatsuyamaMatsuyamaFurano MSMF16857908075808882.6
argPicture of Alan PascalPascalArgentina (U15)FW16553868581907082.4
jpnPicture of Hiroshi JitoJitoHirado MSDF18085737592759682.2
argPicture of GalvanGalvánArgentina (U15)DF18383737285849281.2
nedPicture of Ruud KlismanKlismanHolland (U19)MF--798081818180.4
nedPicture of Johan RensenbrinkRensenbrinkHolland (U19)FW--828681807079.8
nedPicture of Gert KaiserKaiserHolland (U19)FW--768082916979.6
jpnPicture of Makoto SodaSodaAzuma-Ichi MSDF16855807077809079.4
jpnPicture of NittaNittaOtomo MSFW16551738680916579.0
jpnPicture of Ken WakashimazuWakashimazuToho MSGK17260687481809078.6
nedPicture of Leon DickDickHolland (U19)DF--767275838277.6
jpnPicture of Kazuo TachibanaK. TachibanaHanawa MSFW16353807880727877.6
jpnPicture of Masao TachibanaM. TachibanaHanawa MSFW16353807880727877.6
fraPicture of AmorosAmorosFrance (U15)GK17265856578689077.2
fraPicture of BossisBossisFrance (U15)FW16757867074758077.0
nedPicture of Hans DolemanDolemanHolland (U19)GK--825585719076.6
itaPicture of ContiContiItaly (U15)MF17166707369738473.8
jpnPicture of Takeshi SawadaSawadaToho MSMF16253857565706572.0
jpnPicture of Mitsuru SanoSanoHirado MSFW15947727663806871.8
jpnPicture of TakasugiTakasugiNankatsu MSDF17367656575708071.0
jpnSorimachiToho MSFW16856727575726070.8
jpnPicture of Minoru HonmaHonmaMusashi ESFW--697871725969.8
engPicture of DeanDeanEngland (U15)FW17561638279547069.6
jpnPicture of UrabeUrabeOtomo MSMF16654746860707669.6
jpnPicture of IzawaIzawaNankatsu MSMF16956767562706469.4
jpnPicture of IshizakiIshizakiNankatsu MSDF16655726364717669.2
jpnPicture of Noboru SawakiSawakiMeiwa MSFW16958667868746069.2
jpnPicture of Shinji SanadaSanadaMusashi MSFW--657674666569.2
jpnPicture of Tetsuo IshidaIshidaMinami Uwa MSMF--757064716569.0
jpnPicture of KisugiKisugiNankatsu MSFW16453677573696068.8
jpnPicture of TakiTakiNankatsu MSFW16352657270766068.6
jpnPicture of Akira IchinoseIchinoseMusashi MSFW--707765626567.8
jpnPicture of Kazumasa OdaOdaFurano MSFW16353647268716467.8
uruPicture of DanielDanielUruguay (U15)DF17061606568825966.8
jpnPicture of MorisakiMorisakiNankatsu MSGK16860815560657266.6
jpnPicture of KishidaKishidaOtomo MSMF16553716259677266.2
jpnPicture of NakayamaNakayamaOtomo MSDF17060705760707366.0
jpnPicture of NishioNishioOtomo MSDF16452715960677265.8
jpnPicture of Hideo KoikeKoikeToho MSMF16351676065696865.8
jpnPicture of Kuniaki NaritaNaritaMeiwa MSMF17265717060656165.4
jpnPicture of DaimaruDaimaruHanawa MSDF17568706364557465.2
jpnPicture of Masanori KatoKatoFurano MSGK17260705967577365.2
jpnPicture of TakeiTakeiMinami Uwa MSFW--667167665164.2
jpnPicture of Motoharu NaganoNaganoMeiwa MSDF17061755560577163.6
jpnPicture of Haruo KanedaKanedaFurano MSMF16454685561597263.0
jpnPicture of Masaru IdeIdeAzuma-Ichi MSFW16756667065495260.4
jpnPicture of Yoshiharu OnoOnoHanawa MSFW16856656755565259.0
jpnPicture of Hiromichi HoriHoriMeiwa MSMF16352525360556557.0
jpnPicture of Kenichi IwamiIwamiNankatsu MSMF16957525155565654.0