Captain Tsubasa: Rise of New Champions – TACKLES

Here you have information of the different tackling techniques available in the videogame Captain Tsubasa Rise of New Champions. The column “Slot 1” means that the tackle can be used both as a “charge” tackle and a “sliding” tackle (R1 and R2 buttons on Play Station 4).

The letter grading system goes from the best ranking of “S”, down to “A”, “B” and “C”.


TacklePlayer(s)BASEPOWTECSPDDamageOn successCostSlot 1
Power DefenseJitoSS--SPOW down10YES
Kaiser ChargeSchneiderSSCCSOFF down10YES
Blake TackleMartinSSC-SOFF down10YES
Spear TackleJeanACCBATEC down10NO
Upper TackleJeanAB-BAOFF down9YES
Solid TackleSantanaSSB-SSPE down9NO
Aurora CurtainLevinC-S-CTEC down9NO
Razor TackleSodaAB-AASPE down9NO
Feinting TackleMatsuyamaABB-ATEC down9NO
Muay Thai TackleBunnaakBS--SPOW down8YES
Emperor's CutOrtizACS-SDEF down8YES
Hyper ChargeMargusAAC-BOFF down8YES
Rainbow TackleOwairanABBBBOFF down8YES
Cross SlidingAlbertoACACSSPE down8NO
Megaton TackleDirk, NakanishiAS-CSSPE down8NO
Spinning CutKlismann, RuscianoACCBBOFF down8NO
Scythe CutKluivoort, PierreACCCAOFF down8NO
Junguang SlidingXiaoAABCBSPE down8NO
Powerful ChargeManyBB-CCSPE down7YES
Hedgehog ChargeKaltzABCCBPOW down7YES
Paralyze ChargeKanedaAA-CASPE down7YES
Screen CutSenghorA-SCASPE down7YES
Skillfull SlidingManyACB-BDEF down7NO
Raging Wave TackleManyABC-BDEF down7NO
Double Leg TackleDiazBCCCBOFF down7NO
Arrow TackleSchesterA-ABSDEF down7NO
High-Speed Shoulder ChargeNakayama, NishioB-CCCOFF down6YES
Desperate SlidingManyAC-CCDEF down6NO
Sharp SlidingManyA--BCDEF down6NO
Shark TackleKishidaBCC-CDEF down6NO
Forced TackleManyBS--BOFF down6NO
Full Body TackleRobsonBCCCBOFF down6NO
Shoulder ChargeManyCC--CDEF down5YES
SlidingManyB--CCDEF down5NO