Tsubasa and Santana

World Youth Tournament

The World Youth Tournament took place in Japan, where the 16 best teams from around the world fighted for the trophy. After victories against Mexico, Uruguay, Italy and Holland, the Japan Youth team beat Brazil Youth in the final, and our heroes became world champions.

This tournament is the end of the World Youth storyline. Coming up next is the Road to 2002 storyline. As a preview, the last match of Tsubasa in Brazil, between Sao Paulo and Palmeiras, has been updated.

First matches of the World Youth storyline

The World Youth storyline has arrived to Captain Tsubasa stats!

In this update, the matches that took place at the beggining of the arc first published in 1994 have been added, including:

Apart from those games, player info of the main characters now includes the height and weight at different ages: elementary school (ES), middle school (MS) and high school.



Tsubasa and friends

Elementary School storyline added

The Elementary School storyline has been added to Captain Tsubasa Stats!

This storyline goes from the very beggining of the manga series, when Tsubasa Ozora was 12 years old and in 6th grade, until the start of the Middle School storyline, already coverd in our website.

All the Nankatsu tournament, regional qualification and  Elementary School Tournament matches have been uploaded to our database, with information about all the relevant players and teams, and lists of the best scorers, assiters and goalkeepers.

Therefore all the events of the first Captain Tsubasa book until the World Youth volumes are shown in our database. World Youth events are coming up next.


International Junior Youth

International Junior Youth storyline added

The International Junior Youth storyline has been added to Captain Tsubasa Stats!

All the friendly matches previous to the tournament and all the International Tournament matches have been uploaded to our database, with information about all the relevant players and teams.

On top of that, a new section called Tournaments is now available on the website. In this section you can check the results of the different tournaments that have been covered in Captain Tsubasa Stats. You can also see the top scorers, assiters and goalkeepers of each tournament.

The next update will cover the Elementary School timeline, from the beggining of the anime to the events already covered in the website.


Tsubasa blinking

Welcome to Captain Tsubasa Stats!

This website is a database of statistical information regarding the events of the Captain Tsubasa manga and anime series. This series is better known in the west with alternative names such as “Olive et Tom”, “Oliver y Benji”, “Super Campeones”, “Super Campeões”, “Capitão Falcão” or “Captain Majid”.

As a sports fan that loves to dig into player and team stats and as a Captain Tsubasa enthusiasts, I was really interested in checking each of my favorite players numbers, but was unable find this online. So I decided to do it myself!

This project is a work in progress. Currently I have covered all the events that took place during the Middle School storyline. The next storyline that will be covered is the international tournament that takes place right after the end of the Middle School National Tournament final between Nankatsu and Toho.

Not every single player of the Middle School storyline is covered, though. In order for a player to appear in his team’s member list he has to meet one of these requirments:

  • Score at least one goal.
  • Make at least one assist (goal pass).
  • Be named one of the top 24 players of the tournament.

Whenever a new storyline is completely uploaded I will update this post feed to let everybody know.

I hope you enjoy this site, have fun!