Picture of Ryo Ishizaki blocking a shot.

New defensive stats and awards for School and Olympic Tournaments

Hello dear Captain Tsubasa fans!

After a couple of years with minor additions in terms of matches (due to the slow publication of Rising Sun storyline), we have some exciting updates for you.

We have added two new statistical attributes to our database for all the games of the Elementary School, Middle School and Olympic Game matches. The two of them are defensive statistics:

  • Stops: Goalkeeper saves and field-player blocks (blocking of shots that could potentially be a goal)  Represented by an X as its icon.
  • Clean sheets: Awarded to goalkeepers, defenders and defensive midfielders when their team does not concede a goal (and they play at least half of the match). Represented by a white shirt as its icon.

These new stats have allowed us to create a new ranking for “Best Defensive Player“, based on “defensive points” awarded to defenders and defensive midfielders. Defensive points stat follows the following formula, and is represented by a shield as its icon:

  • Defensive Points = Clean Sheets + Stops + Goals + Assists – Own Goals – Red Cards

We have added this new ranking for the following tournaments:

In the coming months we will add the new defensive statistical information for the missing matches and the best defensive player award for the rest of the tournaments.


Rise of New Champions cover

Captain Tsubasa: Rise of New Champions techniques

We have added the stats of the most important techniques and moves of the videogame Captain Tsubasa: Rise of New Champions. Each player can perform different special moves, such as shots, long passes, tackles, blocks or dribbles.

For each type of special move we have created a sortable table with the stats for each move and the players who have access to it. The tables have a search box to enable row filtering. Some of the stats are graded with letters, with “S” (or multiple Ss) being the best rating, followed by “A”, “B”, and “C” (the lowest). You can check them out here:

On a different topic, while waiting for creator Yōichi Takahashi to advance in the story of the Rising Sun arc, we are adding new information of all the games played so far. Apart from more detailed recaps of the important matches, we are adding the following data:

  • Venues: Stadiums where the matches took place.
  • Stops: Actions performed by a player that prevented the rival from scoring. This can either be a save by a goalkeeper or a block by a field player (for example, a famous “Face Block” by Ryo Ishizaki). This stat will be helpful in the creation of a “Top Defenders” ranking.
Schneider, Santana, Levin and Kaltz

Captain Tsubasa ZERO and Staff in National and Club Teams

Captain Tsubasa Stats has been updated with the staff members of the national teams and club (professional) teams, completing the update started last month with elementary and middle school teams. This means that more than 60 coaches and support characters are now in our database, including iconic names such as Roberto Hongo, Sanae “Anego” Nakazawa, Munemasa Katagiri or Kozo Kira.

On top of that, some players that participated in the International Junior Youth Tournament have been added to the web:

However, the main addition of this update is the creation of a section dedicated to the videogame Captain Tsubasa ZERO – Miracle Shot. In this section there is information about the players that appear in the game (mostly elementary and middle school members). While working in this we detected a few players that appeared in the game that were not part of Captain Tsubasa Stats, so we have created profile pages for them. These are the new players added:

While we wait for Yōichi Takahashi to wrap up the events of the Olympic Games Tournament, we will be adding info such as recap of the games or players and staff biographys.

Thank you for your support and remember to use the forum or contact by email if you have any questions or suggestions.

Middle School Players

Staff and Secondary Players in School Teams

While waiting for new matches in the Olympic Games Tournament that Yōichi Takahashi is currently writing, we will be updating the teams from previous storylines. These updates will add information about staff members of the different teams and players from those teams that were not as important as the ones already in the database.

In this first update we have added data for the Elementary School and Middle School teams. Every known coach of those schools has been added to the team profile. Also players that have a minor role in the new hero story of the videogame Captain Tsubasa Rise of New Champions have been added, as well as other players considered relevant enough.

The teams with the most added information are the following ones:

The staff members of a team appear in a new tab called “Staff” in the team’s profile page.

We have also updated the pictures of some of the players already covered in our database, from black and white versions extracted from the manga to colour ones from the videogames or trading cards.

Germany Olympic team

Olympic Games (Rising Sun)

We are happy to announce that our database has been updated with the information of all the matches of the Olympic Games Tournament published in the Rising Sun timeline. This means that Captain Tsubasa Stats is finally up to date, with the information of every game, player and team that appears in the manga.

The first game of the Madrid Olympic Games men’s tournament matches the host nation (Spain) against Cameroon. The story then covers the group stage of the tournament, with the focus in Japan‘s group (C), but also showing glimpses of what happened in group D, where Brazil and Germany where placed.

As of today, only the first two matches of the knockout stage have taken place. They are the following quarterfinal games:

The match between our heroes and the german team was an incredible battle that went to the extra time. During the game twelve goals were scored, five players had to leave the pitch due to injury, and the referee booked six german players.

In the end, Tsubasa managed to lead Japan to the victory and the next round (semifinals), where they will face the powerhouse Spain.

Apart from the new data about the Olympic Games, we have added new information to our database:

  • Injuries: If a player is injured during a game and has to leave the field because of this, it is recorded in the stats (heart-shaped icon).
  • Venues: When the stadium where a match took place is known, it is marked in the game recap and some match lists.
  • Minute of highlights: When the exact moment of an important play is known (goals, bookings, injuries), now the minute is displayed in the boxscore.
  • Minutes played: The total minutes played by each character is displayed in the player lists. An elementary school match is 40 minutes long, a middle school match is 60 minutes, and the rest are 90 minutes. Some matches may be longer if there is relevant loss time or extra time.

This new information will be updated onto previous content over the next few weeks.

We hope that you enjoy Captain Tsubasa Stats and thank you for your support.

J-League players

J-League and Genzo’s memories update

We have updated the information of the J-League professional teams with pictures of their lineups. We have also added bio details to some players, such as Hayato Igawa, the older brother of Gakuto Igawa.

Moreover, the match that took place in the regional final between Shutetsu and Shimizu has also been added to our database. This match was told in the one shot called “Memories: I’m Wakabayashi Genzo. Birth of the SSGK”.

Remember that you can still win a DLC for the videogame Captain Tsubasa: Rise of New Champions. You just have to make a comment in the forum.

Coming up next is data of every match that has taken place during the Rising Sun timeline, which is still being written by Yoichi Takahashi.

Thank you for your support and enjoy Captain Tsubasa Stats!

Rise of New Champions cover

Captain Tsubasa: Rise of New Champions

The videogame Captain Tsubasa: Rise of New Champions, by Namco Bandai, was released the 28th of August for Play Station 4, Nintendo Switch and PC. To celebrate this occasion, we have added a videogames section in our webpage, where we will be uploading interesting information about different Captain Tsubasa videogames.

The first addition to this section is a table with the in game stats (technique, offense, power, speed and defense) of the most important characters of Rise of New Champions. You can sort the table to check who is the best defender, the fastest player or the one with the better aggregated stats.

We have also added a new section in the forum dedicated to this videogame. If you join the conversation you can be the winner of the following DLC for the Play Station 4 version of the game:

You only have to register to the forum and write a post before the 25th of December of 2020 to participate. The DLC code will be sent to the email address that you used for registration.

Spanish speakers can also participate by registering and writing in the Spanish version of the forum.

Good luck to all of you, let’s play online sometime!


Overseas Fierce Fight en La Liga

Here you have all the matches and stats of the Overseas Fierce Fight (Kaigai Gekito Hen) en La Liga, where Tsubasa helps FC Barcelona to win the Spanish League (La Liga). The first games of the Rising Sun storyline have also been added to the database, since it is there where the winner is determined.

Tsubasa’s main rival in the spanish championship is Real Madrid, led by Natureza. They face each other at the Santiago Bernabeu stadium with only a few games remaining and a two point difference in the standings. The mysterious Michael watches this match from the bleachers.

New matches:

New players:

Coming up next is the Rising Sun storyline, which is still being written by Yōichi Takahashi.

Misaki and Wakashimazu

Asian Olympic Qualifiers (Golden 23 part 2)

In the last part of the Golden 23 update, all the information of the Asian Olympic Qualifiers has been included (including a detailed tournament page). Japan had to win two group stages in order to qualify for the Madrid Olympics, its main rival being Australia.

Tsubasa, Hyuga, Aoi and Akai and were not available for these matches, because they were playing in Italy and Spain the final games of the season. Therefore, Taro Misaki had to lead the team to victory (although Hikaru Matsuyama acted as captain). Coach Kira also decided to play Ken Wakashimazu as a forward instead of goalkeeper, with great results (he scored many goals).

Most important new matches:

Most important new players:

This update wraps up the Golden 23 storyline. Coming up next is the Overseas Fierce Fight en la Liga storyline.

Furukawa and Kazami

The Futsal Combi arrives! (Golden 23 part 1).

The Futsal Combi of Japan, Shinnosuke Kazami and Kotaro Furukawa, has arrived to Captain Tsubasa Stats as part of the first Golden 23 update. A second one is coming up shortly.

This update brings all the data of every match played by FC Barcelona in the Golden 23 storyline, and the three friendly games that the Japan U23 team played during the training camp for the olympic qualifying tournament. On top of that, a few other matches have been included.

Most important new matches:

Most important new players (apart from the Futsal Combi):