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One Shots and Forum

Captain Tsubasa Stats latest update brings two new features: a forum section and data of different one shot publications.

The new forum page allows visitors to join our community and discuss about the webpage or any topic regarding Captain Tsubasa (manga, anime, videogames, etc.). Please feel welcome to register and leave a message in our wall. It has an english and a spanish section.

On the other hand, the stats of the following one shots have been added to our database:

Tsubasa against Natureza

El Clásico

The final game of Road to 2002 is finally in Captain Tsubasa Stats. FC Barcelona played spanish rivals Real Madrid at the Nou Camp, for a great edition of El Clásico.

In this match, many real life inspired players such as Fago, Rail, Roberto Carolus, Marientos and Gati make their debut in Captain Tsubasa.

But the most relevant story of this game is the clash between Natureza and Tsubasa, after the short one they had at the World Youth final. In this confrontation each of them scored a hat-trick.

Logo of Captain Tsubasa Spain

Captain Tsubasa Spain

Captain Tsubasa Spain is a great website in Spanish, with all the news and information about the Captain Tsubasa world (manga, anime, videogames, merchandising, etc.).

If you are a spanish speaker, don’t miss out its encyclopidia with the history of the series and profiles of the main characters. is constantly being updated with new content and is the best way to learn about new Captain Tsubasa products, such us the Rise of New Champions videogame, or publications.

I hope you enjoy this website as much as I do!

Tsubasa playing for Barcelona

Big Road to 2002 update

Our database has been updated with multiple new pro teams, matches and pro players from the Road to 2002 timeline.

All the matches of the italian, spanish and japanese leagues have been included, with the exception of the final game of the series, El Clásico, which is coming up soon.

On top of that, new player lists for the different timelines have been created:

Picture of Rivaul

Here comes Rivaul!

Rivaul has finally arrived to Captain Tsubasa Stats. The captain of Brazil comes with the addition of the top 2 teams in Spain, Real Madrid and Barcelona.

Also from now on players will have their height and weight as an adult (when available). Remember that these metrics were already available at different ages: elementary school (ES), middle school (MS) and high school (HS).

On top of that, every Bundesliga and Segunda Division match of Road to 2002 have been added.

New matches:

New players:

Tsubasa and Santana

World Youth Tournament

The World Youth Tournament took place in Japan, where the 16 best teams from around the world fighted for the trophy. After victories against Mexico, Uruguay, Italy and Holland, the Japan Youth team beat Brazil Youth in the final, and our heroes became world champions.

This tournament is the end of the World Youth storyline. Coming up next is the Road to 2002 storyline. As a preview, the last match of Tsubasa in Brazil, between Sao Paulo and Palmeiras, has been updated.