In this page you have different galleries of the most important players in the Captain Tsubasa (Flash Kicker) manga and anime series. You can click on each character to access more detailed info about him (games and minutes played, goals scored, assists made, bookings, own goals, current and past teams, height and weight at different ages, birthday and more), or check all player stats in a single table.

Moreover, you can filter the players and their data for each Captain Tsubasa timeline or by their nationality:

It must be noted that elementary school matches are 40-minute-long, middle school matches are 60 minutes, and the rest are 90 minutes. Some matches may be even longer if they have relevant loss time or go into extra time.

Every player profile has an attribute called “Position“, that designates the role in the team that the player takes more often. Its values are:

  • GK: Goalkeeper
  • DF: Defender
  • DM: Defensive Midfielder
  • AM: Attacking Midfielder
  • FW: Forward

A “clean sheet” is awarded to a defensive player (GK, DF or DM) who plays at least half of the match and whose team does not concede a goal (in the whole game).

The detailed player page classifies the stats by season (aka timeline) and by tournament.

Captain Tsubasa is also known as “Flash Kickers” in the USA. The anime and manga series has different names in other countries and languages, such as: “Olive et Tom”, “Oliver y Benji”, “Super Campeones”, “Super Campeões”, “Capitão Falcão”, “Captain Majid”, “Die tollen Fußballstars”, “Holly e Benji”, “Kaptan Tsubasa” or “Captain Hawk”.