Date League Season Full Time
July 2021 International Tournament Pro (Rising Sun) 90'





Brazil vs France was the first semifinal match of the Madrid Olympic Games’ football tournament in Captain Tsubasa. It was played in the Mestalla stadium (Valencia, Spain).

France’s captain, Elle Sid Pierre, scored the first goal of the match in the 5th minute, kicking a loose ball deflected by Salinas. However, Brazil tied the game shortly afterwards, thanks to Natureza and Carlos Santana’s full metal phantom kick. They were assisted by Brazil’s captain Rivaul.

The final score of 6-2 allowed Brazil to fight for the gold in the olympic final, where they would face the winner of the Spain vs Japan match.

Brazil (U23)

France (U23)

10Pierre AM 5'
11Bossis AM
21Zedane AM
20Napoleon FW