Captain Tsubasa ZERO Miracle Shot

ZERO – Miracle Shot

Captain Tsubasa ZERO – Miracle Shot (CT ZERO) is a mobile videogame (available for Android and IOS) published by GMO Internet in 2018. It is a strategy game where the user picks eleven cards (each representing a player) to beat an opponent. Player cards can be upgraded in several ways.

It features mostly players and teams of the elementary school and middle school timelines in the Captain Tsubasa series. Its story mode covers the following tournaments: Elementary School, Middle School, and Junior Youth.

There is a wiki ( with the stats and moves of every player in the game (each player can have different card versions). Therefore, it would be pointless to add this information to our database, since this web has all the info and it is constantly being updated.

Here you have the list of the players in our database that are included in Captain Tsubasa ZERO Miracle Shot, in alphabetical order, with their height and weight at different periods (Elementary and Middle School), the team they first play in the videogame and the alternative occidental name that the players may have:

ZERO Miracle Shot Player List

PlayerTeamOccidental NameHeight (MS)Weight (MS)Height (ES)Weight (ES)
fraPicture of AmorosAmorosFrance (U15)-17265--
jpnPicture of Shingo AoiAoiNakahara MSRob Denton----
fraPicture of BossisBossisFrance (U15)-16757--
thaPicture of Singprasert BunnaarkBunnaakThailand (U19)-----
korPicture of Cha IncheonChaS. Korea (U19)-----
thaPicture of Chana KonsawattChanaThailand (U19)-----
itaPicture of ContiContiItaly (U15)-17166--
argPicture of Juan DiazDíazArgentina (U15)-16451--
thaPicture of Faran KonsawattFaranThailand (U19)-----
chnPicture of Fei XiangFeiChina (U19)-----
argPicture of GalvanGalvánArgentina (U15)-18383--
itaPicture of Salvatore GentileGentileItaly (U19)-----
jpnPicture of Hiroshi NaganoH. NaganoNankatsu ESAndy Ship1715615847
itaPicture of Gino HernandezHernandezItaly (U15)-17872--
uruPicture of Ryoma HinoHinoUruguay (U19)Hugo Stevens----
jpnPicture of Minoru HonmaHonmaMusashi ESHenry Foyles--15344
jpnPicture of Kojiro HyugaHyugaMeiwa ESMark Lenders1705915850
jpnPicture of Akira IchinoseIchinoseMusashi ESKen Marshall--15240
jpnPicture of Tetsuo IshidaIshidaMinami Uwa MSMichael Hilton----
jpnPicture of IshizakiIshizakiNankatsu ESBruce Harper1665514943
jpnPicture of IwamiIwamiNankatsu ESTim Vance1695715346
jpnPicture of IzawaIzawaShutetsu ESPaul Diamond1695615545
jpnPicture of Hiroshi JitoJitoHirado MSClifford Yuma18085--
jpnPicture of Kazumasa OdaK. OdaFurano ESPeter Shake1635314942
jpnPicture of Kazuo TachibanaK. TachibanaHanawa ESJames Derrick1635314335
gerPicture of Hermann KaltzKaltzGermany (U15)-16255--
jpnPicture of Masanori KatoKatoFurano ESTony Brunor1726015343
jpnPicture of Morimichi KawakamiKawakamiShimizu ES---15647
jpnPicture of KishidaKishidaNankatsu SCCharlie Custer1655314740
jpnPicture of KisugiKisugiShutetsu ESJohnny Mason1645314537
korPicture of Lee Yong-unLeeS. Korea (U19)-----
braPicture of LeoLeoBrazil (U19)-----
swePicture of Stefan LevinLevinSweden (U19)-----
jpnPicture of Masao TachibanaM. TachibanaHanawa ESJason Derrick1635314335
jpnPicture of Manabu OkawaManabuNankatsu ESArthur1544313328
gerPicture of Manfred MargusMargusGermany (U15)-17362--
jpnPicture of Hikaru MatsuyamaMatsuyamaFurano ESPhilip Callahan1685715244
jpnPicture of Shota MinowaMinowaNankatsu ES---14942
jpnPicture of Taro MisakiMisakiNankatsu ESTom Baker1655314637
jpnPicture of Jun MisugiMisugiMusashi ESJulian Ross1695715242
jpnPicture of MorisakiMorisakiShutetsu ESAlan Crocker1686015845
gerPicture of Deuter MullerMullerGermany (U15)-19396--
jpnPicture of Yutaka MurashigeMurashigeNankatsu ES---14638
jpnPicture of Junichi NagasakiNagasakiShimada ES---14942
jpnPicture of Taichi NakanishiNakanishiNaniwa ESTeo Sellers--17070
jpnPicture of NakayamaNakayamaNankatsu SCJill Taylor1706015948
jpnPicture of Masato NakazatoNakazatoNankatsu ESDavid Newman1665415445
fraPicture of Louis NapoleonNapoleonFrance (U15)-17063--
braPicture of NaturezaNaturezaBrazil (U23)-----
jpnPicture of NishioNishioNankatsu SCFranky Gilbert1645214235
jpnPicture of NittaNittaOtomo MSPatrick Everett16551--
ksaPicture of Mark OwairanOwairanSaudi Arabia (U19)-----
argPicture of Alan PascalPascalArgentina (U15)-16553--
fraPicture of Elle Sid PierrePierreFrance (U15)-17162--
engPicture of RobsonRobsonEngland (U15)-17880--
jpnPicture of Shinichi SakamotoSakamotoMeiwa ESArnold Jones1706015043
thaPicture of Sakhon KonsawattSakhonThailand (U19)-----
jpnPicture of Susumu SakuraiSakuraiNankatsu ES---15243
braPicture of SalinasSalinasBrazil (U19)-----
jpnPicture of Shinji SanadaSanadaMusashi ESStephan Malory--16254
jpnPicture of Mitsuru SanoSanoHirado MSSandy Winter15947--
braPicture of Carlos SantanaSantanaBrazil (U19)-----
jpnPicture of Takeshi SawadaSawadaMeiwa ESDanny Mellow1625313639
jpnPicture of Noboru SawakiSawakiMeiwa ESKeal Coleman1695815043
gerPicture of Franz SchesterSchesterGermany (U15)-16854--
gerPicture of Karl Heinz SchneiderSchneiderGermany (U15)-17158--
jpnPicture of Makoto SodaSodaAzuma-Ichi MSRalph Peterson16855--
jpnSorimachiToho MSEddie Bright16856--
jpnPicture of Tsuyoshi OdaT. OdaNankatsu ESBilly Kramer1635214337
jpnPicture of Kazuto TakeiTakeiMinami Uwa MSMax Eagles----
jpnPicture of TakiTakiShutetsu ESTed Carter1635214338
jpnPicture of TsubasaTsubasaNankatsu ESOliver Atom1675514539
jpnPicture of Akira TsuboiTsuboiNankatsu ES---15246
jpnPicture of UrabeUrabeNishigaoka ESJack Morris1665414842
uruPicture of Ramon VictorinoVictorinoUruguay (U15)-16857--
ksaPicture of VulcanVulcanSaudi Arabia (U19)-----
jpnPicture of Genzo WakabayashiWakabayashiShutetsu ESBenjamin (Benji) Price1706316155
jpnPicture of Ken WakashimazuWakashimazuMeiwa ESEd Warner1726015950
chnPicture of Wang ZhongmingWangChina (U19)-----
chnPicture of Wu JunrenWuChina (U19)-----
chnPicture of Xiao JunguangXiaoChina (U19)-----