Captain Tsubasa Dream Team

Dream Team

Captain Tsubasa Dream Team (CT DT) is a mobile videogame (available for Android and IOS) published by KLab Games in 2017. It is a strategy game where the user picks eleven cards (each representing a player) to beat an opponent (the computer or another online user). Player cards can be upgraded in several ways.

It features players and teams of almost every timeline in the Captain Tsubasa series. Its story mode covers the following tournaments: Middle School, Junior Youth and World Youth.

There is a website ( with the stats and moves of every player in the game (each player can have different card versions). Therefore, it would be pointless to add this information to our database, since this web has all the info and it is constantly being updated.

The following image is an example of the “dream team” that you can create in this game:

Lineup of a Dream Team

Here you have the list of the players in our database that are included in Captain Tsubasa Dream Team, in alphabetical order, with their height and weight at different periods (adulthood, High School and Middle School) and the team they where playing for in the image representing them:

Dream Team Players

PlayerTeamHeightWeightHeight (HS)Weight (HS)Height (MS)Weight (MS)
jpnPicture of Tomeya AkaiAkaiJapan (U19)1786517461--
braPicture of AlbertoAlbertoBrazil (U19)--17870--
braPicture of AlmiejaAlmiejaBarcelona------
fraPicture of AmorosAmorosFrance (U15)----17265
jpnPicture of Shingo AoiAoiNakahara MS1695916755--
mexPicture of ArbezArbezMexico (U19)--17263--
espPicture of BluenoBluenoR. Madrid------
ngaPicture of BobangBobangAlbese190-----
fraPicture of BossisBossisFrance (U15)----16757
braPicture of BrancoBrancoBrazil (U19)--16856--
swePicture of BrolinBrolinSweden (U19)--18179--
thaPicture of Singprasert BunnaarkBunnaakThailand (U19)1827718275--
espPicture of CallusiasCallusiasR. Madrid------
itaPicture of CannavaruCannavaruParma------
braPicture of Casa GrandeCasa GrandeBrazil (U19)--18590--
korPicture of Cha IncheonChaS. Korea (U19)--18074--
thaPicture of Chana KonsawattChanaThailand (U19)--16453--
denPicture of ChristiansenChristiansenDenmark (U23)------
jpnPicture of DaimaruDaimaruHanawa MS----17568
nedPicture of DaviDaviJuventus16868----
itaPicture of Alessandro DelpiDelpiJuventus------
nedPicture of Leon DickDickHolland (U19)--18075--
nedPicture of Hans DolemanDolemanHolland (U19)--17878--
braPicture of DugoDugoBrazil (U19)--17363--
argPicture of Juan DiazDíazArgentina (U15)16756--16451
gerPicture of Eric SchmidtE. SchmidtGermany (U23)------
mexPicture of Ricardo EspadasEspadasMexico (U19)--16555--
porPicture of Luis FagoFagoR. Madrid------
thaPicture of Faran KonsawattFaranThailand (U19)--17161--
chnPicture of Fei XiangFeiChina (U19)--20395--
porPicture of FonsecaFonsecaBarcelona------
swePicture of FrederiksFrederiksSweden (U19)--16958--
jpnPicture of Kotaro FurukawaFurukawaJapan (U23)------
jpnPicture of Gakuto IgawaG. IgawaJapan (U23)------
argPicture of GalvanGalvánArgentina (U15)----18383
mexPicture of GarciaGarciaMexico (U19)--18381--
espPicture of GatiGatiR. Madrid18378----
itaPicture of Salvatore GentileGentileJuventus1827118171--
braPicture of GiorgiGiorgiBrazil (U19)--17565--
gerPicture of Mario GoetheGoetheGermany (U23)------
espPicture of GonzalesGonzalesBarcelona------
itaPicture of Iuliano GozzaGozzaReggiana------
espPicture of Pepu GrandiosGrandiosBarcelona------
jpnPicture of Hayato IgawaH. IgawaUrawa Red Diamons------
jpnPicture of Hiroshi NaganoH. NaganoNankatsu MS----17156
denPicture of HaasHaasDenmark (U23)193-----
itaPicture of Gino HernandezHernandezItaly (U15)181751807517872
uruPicture of Ryoma HinoHinoJapan 71807717873--
jpnPicture of Minoru HonmaHonmaMusashi MS--17365--
jpnPicture of Kojiro HyugaHyugaToho MS180701786417059
jpnPicture of Akira IchinoseIchinoseMusashi MS------
espPicture of IenistaIenistaBarcelona------
itaPicture of Filippo InzarsInzarsJuventus------
jpnPicture of Tetsuo IshidaIshidaMinami Uwa MS------
jpnPicture of IshizakiIshizakiNankatsu MS176671746616655
espPicture of IvangelIvangelR. Madrid------
jpnPicture of IwamiIwamiNankatsu MS----16957
jpnPicture of IzawaIzawaNankatsu MS178661776216956
jpnPicture of Hiroshi JitoJitoHirado MS185841848318085
jpnPicture of Kazumasa OdaK. OdaFurano MS--1716116353
gerPicture of Kevin SchmidtK. SchmidtGermany (U23)------
jpnPicture of Kazuo TachibanaK. TachibanaHanawa MS167601665616353
nedPicture of Gert KaiserKaiserHolland (U19)------
gerPicture of Hermann KaltzKaltzGermany (U15)168601686016255
jpnPicture of Masanori KatoKatoFurano MS----17260
jpnPicture of Shinnosuke KazamiKazamiJapan (U23)------
jpnPicture of KishidaKishidaOtomo MS--1726416553
jpnPicture of KisugiKisugiNankatsu MS172641706016453
nedPicture of Ruud KlismanKlismannHolland (U19)------
nedPicture of Brian KluivoortKluivoortHolland (U19)--17462--
swePicture of LarsonLarsonSweden (U19)--17463--
korPicture of Lee Yong-unLeeS. Korea (U19)--17268--
braPicture of LeoLeoFlamengo1766217561--
swePicture of Stefan LevinLevinSweden (U19)1756517564--
mexPicture of LopezLopezMexico (U19)--16454--
nedPicture of LuikalLuikalBarcelona18881----
espPicture of Luis EnpoliLuis EnpoliBarcelona------
jpnPicture of Masao TachibanaM. TachibanaHanawa MS167601665616353
fraPicture of MakeloloMakeloloR. Madrid------
braPicture of MarcioMarcioBrazil (U19)--17361--
gerPicture of Manfred MargusMargusGermany (U15)190791907917362
espPicture of MarientosMarientosR. Madrid18680----
jpnPicture of Hikaru MatsuyamaMatsuyamaFurano MS176661746016857
itaPicture of MatteoMatteoInter (Jr.)------
espPicture of MichaelMichaelSpain (U23)------
espPicture of Michel OlgadoMichel OlgadoR. Madrid------
jpnPicture of Taro MisakiMisakiJapan (U15)174621725716553
jpnPicture of Jun MisugiMisugiMusashi MS177641745916957
jpnPicture of MorisakiMorisakiNankatsu MS--1756516860
gerPicture of Deuter MullerMullerGermany (U15)193981939819396
jpnPicture of Taichi NakanishiNakanishiNaniwa MS------
jpnPicture of NakayamaNakayamaOtomo MS--1817617060
fraPicture of Louis NapoleonNapoleonFrance (U15)----17063
jpnPicture of Kuniaki NaritaNaritaMeiwa MS----17265
braPicture of NaturezaNaturezaBrazil (U19)1766517462--
jpnPicture of NishioNishioOtomo MS----16452
jpnPicture of NittaNittaOtomo MS172601705716551
ngaPicture of J.J. OchadoOchadoNigeria (U23)------
jpnPicture of Toshiya OkanoOkanoJapan 7------
nedPicture of OverusOverusBarcelona------
ksaPicture of Mark OwairanOwairanSaudi Arabia (U19)--17870--
argPicture of Alan PascalPascalArgentina (U15)----16553
espPicture of PayolPayolBarcelona------
braPicture of PepePepeSao Paulo1726117160--
fraPicture of Elle Sid PierrePierreFrance (U15)17766--17162
braPicture of RadungaRadungaBrazil (U23)------
espPicture of RailRailR. Madrid------
mexPicture of Hugo RamirezRamirezMexico (U23)------
espPicture of RaphaelRaphaelSpain (U23)------
fraPicture of RechardRechardBarcelona------
nedPicture of Johan RensenbrinkRensenbrinkHolland (U19)------
braPicture of RivaulRivaulBarcelona------
braPicture of Roberto CarolusRoberto CarolusR. Madrid16870----
engPicture of RobsonRobsonEngland (U15)----17880
jpnPicture of Yuji SakakiSakakiJapan 7------
thaPicture of Sakhon KonsawattSakhonThailand (U19)--18072--
braPicture of SalinasSalinasBrazil (U19)--17665--
jpnPicture of Shinji SanadaSanadaMusashi MS------
jpnPicture of Mitsuru SanoSanoHirado MS--1665415947
braPicture of Carlos SantanaSantanaFlamengo1776717764--
argPicture of SavisheSavisheBarcelona16962----
jpnPicture of Takeshi SawadaSawadaToho MS169601685516253
jpnPicture of Noboru SawakiSawakiMeiwa MS----16958
gerPicture of Franz SchesterSchesterGermany (U15)175661756616854
gerPicture of Karl Heinz SchneiderSchneiderGermany (U15)179661796617158
braPicture of SenaldoSenaldoBrazil (U19)--17161--
braPicture of SilvaSilvaBrazil (U19)--16754--
jpnPicture of Yuji SogaSogaJapan (U23)------
jpnSorimachiToho MS--1755916856
mexPicture of SuarezSuarezMexico (U19)--17462--
jpnPicture of Koji YoshikawaSugimotoJapan 7------
jpnPicture of TakasugiTakasugiNankatsu MS--1818017367
jpnPicture of TakiTakiNankatsu MS172611695916352
fraPicture of ThoramThoramParma------
fraPicture of TresagaTresagaJuventus19080----
jpnPicture of TsubasaTsubasaNankatsu MS175641735916755
jpnPicture of UrabeUrabeOtomo MS175651736516654
uruPicture of Ramon VictorinoVictorinoUruguay (U15)169611695916857
ksaPicture of VulcanVulcanSaudi Arabia (U19)--210120--
jpnPicture of Genzo WakabayashiWakabayashiJapan (U15)183771827417063
jpnPicture of Ken WakashimazuWakashimazuToho MS185741837217260
chnPicture of Wang ZhongmingWangChina (U19)--16754--
chnPicture of Wu JunrenWuChina (U19)--17058--
espPicture of XaviiXaviiBarcelona17068----
chnPicture of Xiao JunguangXiaoChina (U19)1817417868--
jpnPicture of Michel YamadaYamadaJapan 7------
jpnPicture of Nobuyuki YomikuraYumikuraJapan 7------
uzbPicture of ZangiefZangiefUzbekistan (U19)--17871--
mexPicture of ZaragozaZaragozaMexico (U19)--17664--
fraPicture of ZedaneZedaneJuventus------