10 Yumikura

Picture of Nobuyuki Yomikura
Full Name
Nobuyuki Yumikura
Occidental Name
Jackson Adams
Current Team(s)
Japan (U23), Tokyo Verdy
Past Teams
Japan 7

Nobuyuki Yumikura, also known in Europe as Jackson Adams, is the captain of Real Japan 7, a team that was created to help Japan under 19 qualify for the World Youth Tournament. He is a skilled attacking midfielder that can kick a drive shoot similar to Tsubasa‘s. He plays professionally for Tokyo Verdy, alongside Hajime Taki and Michel Yamada.

Yumikura and Hanji Urabe are the only members of Real Japan 7 that eventually manage to play for any of the japanese national teams. However he only does so once, playing for Japan under 23, coming off the bench in the friendly match against Denmark under 23.

Videogames: Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team.

National Tournament

SeasonTeam Win RatioDraw RatioLoss Ratio
Pro (Road to 2002)Tokyo Verdy19000000000.000.00100.00

International Friendly

SeasonTeam Win RatioDraw RatioLoss Ratio
High School 3rd YearJapan 72180110000050.000.0050.00
Pro (Golden 23)Japan (U23)1230000000100.000.000.00
Pro (Rising Sun)Japan (U23)1300000000100.000.000.00

Career Total

Season Win RatioDraw RatioLoss Ratio
High School 3rd Year2180110000050.000.0050.00
Pro (Road to 2002)19000000000.000.00100.00
Pro (Golden 23)1230000000100.000.000.00
Pro (Rising Sun)1300000000100.000.000.00

Nobuyuki Yumikura (Jackson Adams)