Elementary School Tournament

This National Tournament took place during the 6th Elementary School year of Tsubasa Ozora.

The city of Nankatsu formed a selection team with the best players of the different schools in the city (Nankatsu, Shutetsu, Nishigaoka and Yamabuki).

The tournament consisted in a group stage and a knockout stage.  There were 8 groups of 6 teams, and the first two teams of each group advanced to the knockout stage. Nankatsu won the title in the final against Meiwa.

Here are the scores of the most important games:

Group 1 Standings


Best Player of the Elementary School Tournament: Tsubasa Ozora

The top goalscorers were Tsubasa (31 goals), Kojiro Hyuga (29), Taro Misaki (15) and Hikaru Matsuyama (13). However, the following list shows the goals that were explicitly assigned to a specific match:

The top assisters were Taro Misaki (15 assists), Hikaru Matsuyama (8), Tsubasa Ozora (7) and Kojiro Hyuga (4). However, the following list shows the assits that were explicitly assigned to a specific match:

Top Goalkeepers

Best 20 players of the tournament:

In this link you have access to the tournament stats of every player that participated in this Elementary School National Tournament.