Nankatsu vs Shimizu was the final of the Regional Qualifiers of the prefacture of Shizuoka for for the Elementary School National Tournament.

The first half was scoreless thanks to both goalkeepers (Nankatsu’s Genzo Wakabayashi and Shimizu’s Morimichi Kawakami).

However, in the second half Tsubasa Ozora scored a hat-trick (minutes 26th, 35th and 40th) to earn the ticket to Tokyo. He was assisted one time by Wakabayashi and another by his best fried, Taro Misaki.


Date League Season Full Time
November 1982 Regional Qualifiers Elementary School 6th Year 40'


Team1st Half2nd HalfGoals
Nankatsu SC033
Shimizu ES000

Nankatsu SC

1Wakabayashi GK
2Kishida DF
3Nishio DF
4Nakayama DF
6Takasugi DF
5Urabe DM
8Izawa DM
11Misaki AM
7Taki FW
9Kisugi FW
10Tsubasa FW 26', 35', 40'

Shimizu ES

1Kawakami GK