Nankatsu vs Musashi was one of the semifinals of the Elementary School National Tournament.

Musashi’s captain Jun Misugi played beautifully and scored a hat-trick, but Nankatsu’s captain Tsubasa Ozora was even better and scored a poker (four goals), getting the victory for his team and advancing to the final against Meiwa.

The end of the match was crazy: Misugi scored the 4-3 for Musashi with just two minutes remaining, but Taro Misaki tied the game in the last minute. During loss time, Tsubasa scored the winning goal for his team.


Date League Season Full Time
August 1983 National Tournament Elementary School 6th Year 40'


Team1st Half2nd HalfGoals
Nankatsu SC145
Musashi ES224

Nankatsu SC

12Morisaki GK
2Kishida DF
4Nakayama DF
6Takasugi DF
14Ishizaki DF
5Urabe DM
8Izawa DM
11Misaki AM 40'
7Taki FW
9Kisugi FW
10Tsubasa FW 14', 30', 33', 40+'

Musashi ES

14Misugi AM 10', 19', 38'
9Ichinose FW
10Honma FW
16Sanada FW 28'