Meiwa faced Furano in the semifinals of the Elementary School National Tournament. Furano’s captain Hikaru Matsuyama played with a lot of hearth and scored two goals, but Meiwa’s captain Kojiro Hyuga was stronger and scored a hat-trick, including the winning goal in overtime, making his team advance to the final against Nankatsu.


League Season
National Tournament Elementary School 6th Year


Team1st Half2nd HalfGoals
Meiwa ES123
Furano ES112

Meiwa ES

17Wakashimazu GK
3Nagano DF
8Hori AM
15Sawada AM
9Sawaki FW
10Hyuga FW

Furano ES

1Kato GK
9Kaneda AM
10Matsuyama AM
11Oda FW