FC Albese

Also named ASD Albese Calcio, FC Albese is an italian professional team based in Alba.

Unable to land a spot in Inter first team, Shingo Aoi transfers to Albese to play in serie C as a starter. Here he will face Kojiro Hyuga as he tries to promote to serie B. This fight is the main story of Captain Tsubasa Overseas Fierce Fight in Calcio.

Captain: Belucci

Head Coach: Pinato

Starting Eleven (4-3-2-1):

1.- Zalgardo; 3.- Belucci, 5.- Signa, 7.- Carotti, Pino; 4.- Bobang, 8.- Buglio, 20.- Shingo Aoi; 15.- Marco Vecchio, Onesto; Grosso (11, FW).

Lineup of FC Albese

Albese Player List

#PlayerPosition HeightWeight
4ngaPicture of BobangBobangDM22100190-
20jpnPicture of Shingo AoiAoiDM2210016959

Head Coach: Pinato

Picture of Pinato
Current Team(s)
National Tournament (3rd Division)
Pro (Golden 23), Pro (Road to 2002)