FC Albese

Captain: Belucci

Head Coach: Pinato

Lineup: Unknown

Also named ASD Albese Calcio, FC Albese is an italian professional team based in Alba.

Unable to land a spot in Inter first team, Shingo Aoi transfers to Albese to play in serie C as a starter. Here he will face Kojiro Hyuga as he tries to promote to serie B. This fight is the main story of Captain Tsubasa Overseas Fierce Fight in Calcio.

Known players: Zalgardo (1, GK), Belucci (3, DF), Signa (5, DF), Carotti (7, DF), Bogang (4, MF), Buglio (8, MF), Marco Vecchio (15, MF), Shingo Aoi (20, MF), Grosso (11, FW).

Albese Player List

#PlayerPosition HeightWeight
4ngaPicture of BobangBobangDM22100190-
20jpnPicture of Shingo AoiAoiDM2210016959

Head Coach: Pinato

Picture of Pinato
ita Italy
Current Team(s)
National Tournament (3rd Division)
Pro (Golden 23), Pro (Road to 2002)