Date League Season Full Time
May 2010 National Tournament (3rd Division) Pro (Golden 23) 90'


Team1st Half2nd HalfGoals


Albese faced Reggiana in the last game of the Serie C, both teams fighting for a promotion to Serie B. The standings before this game were the following:

  1. Reggiana: 64 points
  2. Albese: 63 points
  3. Albinoleffe: 62 points
  4. Ravenna: 59 points.

Albinoleffe played against Ravenna at the same time, losing the game in the last minutes. This ment that Reggiana and Albese promoted to Serie B.

In the first half Kojiro Hyuga scored two goals, securing his title as top scorer of Serie C. For the second half, Grosso (Albese’s only forward) was replaced by veteran defensive midfielder Marco Vecchio, and Bobang was moved forward to play as the striker. He managed to score in the 60th minute thanks to an assist from Shingo Aoi.

In the 75th minute Aoi scored the equalizer with a rovesciatta (overhead kick), right after Bobang hit the crossbar. In the 90th minutes Vecchio missed a great chance to win the game by hitting the crossbar again from inside the penalty area.

At the very last moment (94th minute) Hyuga scored the winning goal in a counter-attack.


4Bobang DM, FW
20Aoi DM


21Gozza DF
78Hyuga FW