This match took place in the one shot “Memories: I’m Wakabayashi Genzo. Birth of the SSGK”, published in April of 2020. The year before Tsubasa Ozora joined Nankatsu Elementary School, Shutetsu qualified for the national tournament (that later won), by beating Shimizu in the Shizuoka Regional Qualifier Tournament’s final.

Mamoru Izawa assisted Teppei Kisugi in the first half. It was the only goal of the match, since both goalkeepers (Wakabayashi and Morimichi Kawakami) did a good job at stopping the other team’s attacks.


League Season
Regional Qualifiers Elementary School 5th Year


Team1st Half2nd HalfGoals
Shutetsu ES101
Shimizu ES000

Shutetsu ES

1Wakabayashi GK
15Takasugi DF
18Izawa AM
17Taki FW
19Kisugi FW

Shimizu ES

1Kawakami GK