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Misaki and Wakashimazu

Asian Olympic Qualifiers (Golden 23 part 2)

In the last part of the Golden 23 update, all the information of the Asian Olympic Qualifiers has been included (including a detailed tournament page). Japan had to win two group stages in order to qualify for the Madrid Olympics, its main rival being Australia.

Tsubasa, Hyuga, Aoi and Akai and were not available for these matches, because they were playing in Italy and Spain the final games of the season. Therefore, Taro Misaki had to lead the team to victory (although Hikaru Matsuyama acted as captain). Coach Kira also decided to play Ken Wakashimazu as a forward instead of goalkeeper, with great results (he scored many goals).

Most important new matches:

Most important new players:

This update wraps up the Golden 23 storyline. Coming up next is the Overseas Fierce Fight en la Liga storyline.

Furukawa and Kazami

The Futsal Combi arrives! (Golden 23 part 1).

The Futsal Combi of Japan, Shinnosuke Kazami and Kotaro Furukawa, has arrived to Captain Tsubasa Stats as part of the first Golden 23 update. A second one is coming up shortly.

This update brings all the data of every match played by FC Barcelona in the Golden 23 storyline, and the three friendly games that the Japan U23 team played during the training camp for the olympic qualifying tournament. On top of that, a few other matches have been included.

Most important new matches:

Most important new players (apart from the Futsal Combi):


More one shots!

In this update we bring all the information of four one shot publications, with one match in each of them:

Image of Misaki playing for Jubilo Iwata

Jubilo Iwata wins the J-League! (Golden 23 preview)

Captain Tsubasa Stats is going to be updated with all the information from the Golden 23 story arc. As an introduction for the big update that is coming up, we have added three games from this storyline to our database. The first of this matches is the one that allowed Taro Misaki, Ryo Ishizaki and Hanji Urabe to win the Japanese professional league (J1-League) with their club, Jubilo Iwata. Congratulations to the champions, well done!

New matches: