Date League Season Full Time
February 2006 International Friendly Pro (Undefined) 90'


Team1st Half2nd HalfGoals


This non-cannonical match bethween the senior national teams of Japan and Germany appears in the prologue of the Golden 23 series, published in February of 2006, before the real life World Cup of Germany.

Schneider had scored two goals in the first half (both times assisted by Teigerbran). For the second half Tsubasa, Misaki and Wakabayashi came in from the bench replacing real life japanese internationals Nakata, Nakamura and Kawaguchi.

Tsubasa and Misaki scored with a twin shoot, injuring starting goalkeeper Oliver Han (inspired in real life player Oliver Kahn), who was then replaced by the giant Muller. In the 75th minute of the match, Hyuga entered the field replacing Takahara. He managed to tie the game in the 81st minute, assisted by Tsubasa.


7Nakata 28 AM
10Nakamura 38 AM
9Takahara 18 FW
32Wakabayashi GK
28Tsubasa 7 AM
38Misaki 10 AM
18Hyuga 9 FW 81'


23Teigerbran DF
5Kaltz DM
11Schneider FW
27Muller GK