3rd match of the 2nd stage of the Asian Olympic Qualifiers.

Taro Misaki scored for Japan during the first half. In the 50th minute, australian forward Macbeth provoked Gakuto Igawa and was sent off after punching him in the face. After this Japan replaced Ken Wakashimazu, who was playing as a forward, with Mamoru Izawa.

In the 65th minute goalkeeper Genzo Wakabayashi had to be subtituted because of injury, and Yuzo Morisaki entered the pitch. Australia made the most of this circumstance scoring three times in the final minutes of the game: Mark Duviga scored in the 85th minute, Harry Konwell in the 88th, and Tim Shooker scored the 3-1 in loss time (assited by Duviga).


League Season
International Qualifiers Pro (Golden 23)


Team1st Half2nd HalfGoals
Australia (U23)033
Japan (U23)101

Australia (U23)

7Shooker DM
10Konwell AM
9Duviga FW
16Macbeth FW

Japan (U23)

1Wakabayashi 21 GK
4Ishizaki DF
14Misugi DF
32G. Igawa DF
7Soda DF
12Matsuyama DM
11Misaki AM
17Wakashimazu 8 FW
18Nitta FW
8Izawa 17 DF
21Morisaki 1 GK