Captain Tsubasa: Rise of New Champions – DRIBBLES

Here you have information of the different dribbling techniques available in the videogame Captain Tsubasa Rise of New Champions. After a dribble, the player gets a bonus (Boost 1), and after a second consecutive dribble, the player gets an additional bonus (Boost 2). These bonuses increase one stat (Speed, Technique, Offense or Power) for a set period of time (in seconds).

The letter grading system goes from the best ranking of “S”, down to “A”, “B” and “C”.


DribblePlayer(s)BASEPOWTECSPD1st Boost2nd BoostCost
Carlos TurnSantanaSBS-35% TEC (10s)55% TEC (10s)10
Flores DribbleOrtizSCAB25% OFF (10s)35% OFF (10s)10
High-Speed South American DribbleDíazA-AB30% SPD (5s)10% OFF (5s)10
Kaiser DribbleSchneiderSSB-30% OFF (5s)35% OFF (5s)10
South American DribbleTsubasaA-AA20% SPD (5s)20% OFF (7s)10
Blake DribbleMartinSS--30% PWR (5s)35% PWR (5s)9
Kluivoort TurnKluivoortA-AB25% TEC (5s)35% TEC (5s)9
Rolling DribbleMisugiB-BB25% TEC (5s)35% TEC (5s)9
Delicate TouchMisakiB-BB25% TEC (5s)35% TEC (5s)9
Beautiful StepPierreSCSC25% OFF (5s)35% OFF (5s)9
Étoile RoulettePierreS-S-25% TEC (5s)30% TEC (5s)9
Magnificent DribbleMisugiB-BC25% TEC (5s)35% TEC (5s)9
Aurora FeintLevinC-S-25% TEC (5s)35% TEC (5s)9
Senghor DanceSenghorA-BA35% SPD (10s)55% SPD (10s)8
Falcon DribbleNittaA--S30% SPD (5s)35% SPD (5s)8
Lightspeed DribbleKaiser, VictorinoA--S25% SPD (5s)30% SPD (5s)8
Low Falcon DribbleNittaA-CA25% SPD (5s)35% SPD (5s)8
Buster DribbleManyAS--25% PWR (5s)30% PWR (7s)8
Double TouchManyA-S-25% TEC (5s)30% TEC (5s)8
Faery JumpHeineACAC25% SPD (5s)35% SPD (5s)8
Forced FeintHyugaBBB-25% TEC (5s)35% TEC (5s)8
Muay Thai DribbleBunnaakAS--25% PWR (5s)35% PWR (5s)8
Overhead LiftAoiA-AA25% SPD (5s)35% SPD (5s)8
Jumping KneeHinoAS--25% OFF (5s)35% OFF (5s)8
Straight Line DribbleHyugaAABB20% OFF (5s)35% OFF (5s)8
Feinting DribbleMisakiB-AC20% TEC (5s)25% TEC (5s)8
Dynamic FeintPepeAB-B20% SPD (5s)20% PWR (5s)8
Mirage ChapeauOwairanCBBB20% TEC (5s)20% OFF (5s)8
Crown LiftingRuscianoBCA-35% TEC (10s)55% TEC (10s)7
Forward Somersault DribbleDíazS-AA25% TEC (10s)35% TEC (10s)7
Dump Truck DribbleJitoAS--25% PWR (7s)35% PWR (7s)7
Heel LiftTsubasaB-A-25% TEC (5s)35% TEC (7s)7
Matador TrickManyB-A-25% TEC (5s)35% TEC (5s)7
Shield BashRusciano, EspadasABB-20% PWR (5s)15% TEC (5s)7
Aerial DribbleManyB--A20% SPD (5s)25% SPD (7s)7
Gear ChangeManyB-A-20% TEC (5s)25% TEC (5s)7
Megaton DribbleManyBA--15% PWR (5s)20% PWR (7s)7
Acrobatic DribbleSanoC-CB25% TEC (5s)35% TEC (5s)6
Hedgehog DribbleKaltzABA-20% TEC (5s)25% TEC (5s)6
Wild Eagle DribbleMatsuyamaAA-B15% PWR (5s)15% SPD (5s)6
Back RoadManyC--B15% SPD (5s)20% SPD (5s)6
Fake KickManyC-B-15% TEC (5s)20% TEC (7s)6
Accel DribbleManyC--B10% SPD (5s)15% SPD (7s)5
Power DribbleManyCB--10% PWR (5s)15% PWR (7s)5
Step OverManyC-B-10% TEC (5s)15% TEC (7s)5