Date League Season Full Time
June 2010 National Tournament Pro (Golden 23) 92'


Team1st Half2nd HalfGoals
R. Madrid112


This match, Real Madrid vs Barcelona, took place in the 24th round of La Liga (Spanish League) in the Captain Tsubasa series, and was the second “el clasico” of the season. In the first one Barcelona beat Real Madrid 6-5 at the Camp Now. However, before the start of this match, los blancos had a two point advantage over Barça in the league. This match was played in the Santiago Bernabeu stadium (Madrid).

Luikal scored for FC Barcelona in the first minute of the game, but the goal was cancelled because the referee judged that he was offside when Ozora Tsubasa passed him the ball. Tsubasa scored shortly aftewards with an Olympic goal (directly from a corner kick), but the goal was also erased from the scoreboard because of a fault in the area. Later on Rivaul scored assisted by Tsubasa, and this time the goal was deemed valid.

Natureza tied the game in the 22nd minute in a counterattack started by Real Madrid’s goalkeeper Callusias. In the 30th minute Rail found the back of the net, but he was offside and the goal (and Natureza’s assist) was not conceded.

At the beginning of the second half Gordoba Gonzales got a yellow card. Makelolo was also booked in the 75th minute. After this, coach Van Saal decided to replace Xavii and Luis Empoli with Cotu and Overus, switching his 4-1-4-1 formation for a more aggressive 4-2-1-3, moving Rivaul up forward and leaving Tsubasa as the only offensive playmaker.

However, in the 80th minute Natureza scored again assisted by Roberto Carolus. Right after this goal, Real Madrid’s coach Vicente Delpasque replaced Marientos and Makelolo for Gati and Samuela, sacrificing a forward in favour of a reinforced defensive midfield, now consisting of three players (Flavio Conces, Gati and Samuela) tasked with guarding Tsubasa. Moreover, in the 87th minute defender Sergio Ramon came into the pitch replacing Fago, to further reinforce defence.

Regardless of Real Madrid’s efforts to keep the score unchanged, Tsubasa managed to score in loss time (92th minute) assisted by Rivaul. With the final score of 2-2, Barcelona remained two points below of Real Madrid in the standings, still in the fight for La Liga.

R. Madrid

1Callusias GK
2Michel Olgado DF
3Roberto Carolus DF
4Blueno DF
6Ivangel DF
16Flavio Conces DM
24Makelolo 5 DM 75'
0Natureza AM 22', 80'
10Fago 15 AM
7Rail FW
9Marientos 14 FW
5Samuela 24 DF
14Gati 9 AM
15Sergio Ramón 10 DF


25Valtes GK
2Gonzales DF 46'
6Fonseca DF
15Almieja DF
24Payol DF
4Grandios DM
10Rivaul AM
16Xavii 8 AM
21Luis Enpoli 11 AM
28Tsubasa AM 92'
9Luikal FW
8Cotu 16 DM
11Overus 21 FW