Picture of Ryo Ishizaki blocking a shot.

New defensive stats and awards for School and Olympic Tournaments

Hello dear Captain Tsubasa fans!

After a couple of years with minor additions in terms of matches (due to the slow publication of Rising Sun storyline), we have some exciting updates for you.

We have added two new statistical attributes to our database for all the games of the Elementary School, Middle School and Olympic Game matches. The two of them are defensive statistics:

  • Stops: Goalkeeper saves and field-player blocks (blocking of shots that could potentially be a goal)  Represented by an X as its icon.
  • Clean sheets: Awarded to goalkeepers, defenders and defensive midfielders when their team does not concede a goal (and they play at least half of the match). Represented by a white shirt as its icon.

These new stats have allowed us to create a new ranking for “Best Defensive Player“, based on “defensive points” awarded to defenders and defensive midfielders. Defensive points stat follows the following formula, and is represented by a shield as its icon:

  • Defensive Points = Clean Sheets + Stops + Goals + Assists – Own Goals – Red Cards

We have added this new ranking for the following tournaments:

In the coming months we will add the new defensive statistical information for the missing matches and the best defensive player award for the rest of the tournaments.