FC Barcelona B

Barcelona B is the second team of FC Barcelona, which plays in Segunda Division, the second tier of spanish football. It consists mostly of very young players that could eventually get promoted to the first team. Tsubasa needs to score 10 goals and give away 10 assists in order to be called for the first team, and he does so in just three games.

Captain: Tsubasa Ozora

Head Coach: Victor Zeres

Starting eleven (3-5-2):

1.- Heliodoro; 3.- Thomas, 11.- Camilo, 4.- Ciriaco; 5.- Nacho, 7.- Celio, 2.- Paco, 6.- Emilio, 10.- Tsubasa; 9.- Serrano, 8.- Sanchez.

Lineup of Barcelona B

Affiliated teams: FC Barcelona

Barcelona B Player List

#PlayerPosition HeightWeight
9espPicture of SerranoSerranoFW327033--
10jpnPicture of TsubasaTsubasaAM3270121117564

Head Coach: Victor Zeres

Picture of Victor Zeres
Current Team(s)
Barcelona B
National Tournament (2nd Division)
Pro (Road to 2002)