Holland (Senior)

Captain: Unknown

Head Coach: Unknown

Starting eleven: Unknown

The senior dutch national team, more correctly named Netherlands, appears in the one shot “Final Countdown” in a match against the senior japanese national team. This match is not part of the cannon.

Affiliated teams: Holland (Under 19), Holland (Olympic).

Holland Player List

PlayerTeamPosition# HeightWeight
nedPicture of Phillip CotuCotuBarcelonaDM-000--
nedPicture of van ren FortVan Ren FortJuventusGK1100--
nedPicture of OverusOverusBarcelonaFW7100--
nedPicture of DaviDaviJuventusDM810016868
nedPicture of LuikalLuikalBarcelonaFW910018881
nedPicture of Brian KluivoortKluivoortHolland (U23)AM14110--
International Friendly
Pro (Undefined)