Spain vs Mexico (Quarterfinals)

Spain vs Japan was the second game of the quarterfinals of the Madrid Olympic Games’ football tournament in Captain Tsubasa. It was played in the San Mamés stadium (Bilbao).

Mexico’s regular goalkeeper Ricardo Espadas started the match as a forward and scored in the second minute, assisted by Suarez. In the 15th minute Espadas scored again, this time using a special technique where Suarez and Zaragoza launched him high in the sky so he could use his head to connect a cross from captain Hugo Ramirez. In the 30th minute Mexico’s goalkeeper (Gomez) was replaced by forward Salas, and Espadas moved back to defend the goal.

In the second half Spain made an incredible comeback thanks to Michael, who scored no less than six goals against a powerless Espadas. The first goal was a header from Raphael‘s high ball. The tying goal was a long-distance curved shot in the 53rd minute. The 3-2 was scored in the 60th minute, after he dribbled at least six mexican players, including the goalkeeper. Michael’s fourth goal was scored using a new special technique called the “Tornado Arrow Raiju Shot”. He scored his fifth goal with a “Reactive Fast Kick Quick Gun” similar to Xiao‘s. The final goal was an overhead kick.