Date League Season Full Time
October 2000 International Tournament Pro (Undefined) 90'


Team1st Half2nd HalfGoals
Japan (U23)011
Brazil (U23)101


This non-cannonical match bethween the olympic teams of Japan and Brazil appears in the one shot “Millenium Dream”, published in October of 2000, after the real life Olympic Games of Sidney 2000. It is the gold medal game of the Olympics.

Hyuga and Wakabayashi were starters for Japan. Tsubasa could not start the game due to injury, and Brazil took advantage of it by scoring the first goal in the 5th minute, thanks to Santana.

In the 75th minute of the game, Aoi and Tsubasa entered the pitch. With a few minutes remaining on the clock, Hyuga scored the equalizer, assisted by Tsubasa. The manga finishes with the game entering loss time, leaving the final outcome unresolved.

Japan (U23)

1Wakabayashi GK
9Hyuga FW
10Tsubasa AM
20Aoi AM

Brazil (U23)