Japan vs Brazil (Final)

Japan vs Brazil was the final match of the World Youth Tournament in the Captain Tsubasa series. The host team (Japan) faced the favourites (Brazil) at the Nagai Track and Field Stadium (Osaka).

After a scoreless first half, Pepe came in for Brazil and helped Carlos Santana score the first goal of the match (59th minute). Right after that Taro Misaki replaced Mitsuru Sano and helped Tsubasa reverse the score, assisting him in the 69th minute and scoring the 2-1 with a twin shot between the two of them (88th minute).

Natureza made his tournament debut immediately after that goal, and scored an incredible goal from outside the penalty area against Genzo Wakabayashi (becoming the first person to do so) in overtime.

For the extra time, Ken Wakashimazu and Hanji Urabe replaced the injured Wakabayashi and Ryo Ishizaki, and Tsubasa scored the golden goal in the 110th minute with an assist from Misaki.