Japan (Olympic) vs Argentina (Olympic)

Japan vs Argentina was the fourth game of group C of the Madrid Olympic Games’ football tournament in Captain Tsubasa. It was played in the Camp Nou stadium (Barcelona).

Tsubasa scored int the first half, but the goal was deemed illegal due to offside. Later on, Argentina’s captain Juan Diaz dribble with the ball from goal to goal (one hundred meters) to score the first point of the game. Before halftime, Galván was cautioned for a hard foul.

After the restart Diaz scored again, assisted by Alan Pascal, using his hand to put the ball in the net. His two goals resemble the two goals that Diego Maradona (RIP) scored against England in the 1986 World Cup quarter final.

However, Japan came back with goals from Kojiro Hyuga (assisted by Tsubasa) and Shun Nitta (after a twin shot by Taro Misaki and Hikaru Matsuyama was repelled). The second japanese goal was scored in the 75th minute, and after it both teams made substitutions, with Ken Wakashimazu coming in replacing Shingo Aoi. In the 86th minute Misaki scored the winning goal assisted by Tsubasa. Right after this defender Yuji Soga replaced forward Nitta to help keep the score unchanged.

Japan (Olympic) vs Holland (Olympic)

Japan vs Holland was the first game of group C of the Madrid Olympic Games’ football tournament. It was played in the Camp Nou stadium (Barcelona).

Brian Kluivoort scored for Holland in the 21st minute. Japan made it even again in the 30th minute, with a goal scored by Jun Misugi, who was assisted by Tsubasa. Only seven minutes later Tsubasa’s header gave the lead to Japan, assisted by Ryo Ishizaki. And just before half-time Kojiro Hyuga scored thanks to Taro Misaki‘s goal pass.

At the beginning of the second half, Japan sentenced the match with a joint effort of Tsubasa and Misaki, who performed two consecutive twin shoots to put the ball in the back of the net. After this Japan controlled the game and made several substitutions, with Gakuto Igawa coming into the pitch in the 65th minute (replacing Ishizaki), Mamoru Izawa doing so in the 75th (replacing Shingo Aoi) and defender Yuji Soga replacing forward Shun Nitta in the 85th minute.

Barcelona vs Granada (38th)

This match took place in the 38th and last round of La Liga (Spanish League) in Captain Tsubasa.

Granada scored in the first half despite using a very defensive tactic and playing without forwards. They needed at least a draw in this game to avoid relegation to the second division.

On the other hand, Barcelona needed to win to secure the Spanish League title. In 50th minute Tsubasa Ozora provoqued a penalty kick that he capitalized to tie the game. Later on he scored two more goals, one assisted by Rivaul and the other with an overhead kick after Rivaul hit the crossbar, to secure the victory and win the spanish championship. This was the 5th hat-trick of the season for Tsubasa.

Barcelona vs Espanyol (36th)

The Barcelona Derby took place in the 36th round of La Liga (Spanish League) in Captain Tsubasa.

Espanyol scored first, but Barça made a come back, with Tsubasa Ozora scoring the last goal assisted by Rivaul.


Barcelona vs A. Madrid (8-16th)

This Captain Tsubasa match took was scheduled to be played in the first leg of La Liga (between the 8th and the 16th round), but was postponed due to the weather and played after the first games of the second leg. It happened at the Camp Nou stadium (Barcelona).

Fersio Torres scored in loss time of the first half. For the second half veterans Rivaul and Luikal replaced youngsters Savishe and Neto’o.

Right after the start of the second half, Tsubasa scored the 1-1 assisted by Rivaul. In the 70th minute Tsubasa and Rivaul scored the winning goal with a twin shot, assisted by Xavii.

Barcelona vs Sevilla (7th)

This match took place in the 7th round of La Liga (Spanish League) in Captain Tsubasa.

Luikal scrored the first goal of the game assisted by Tsubasa. Then Tsubasa scored the 2-0. Sevilla got one goal back, but Luikal assisted Tsubasa for the final 3-1.

Barcelona vs Real Madrid (5th)

Barcelona vs Real Madrid took place in the 5th round of La Liga (Spanish League) in the Captain Tsubasa series. It was the first “el clasico” of the season, and it happened at the Camp Nou stadium (Barcelona). Tsubasa Ozora made his debut in La Liga in this match, after being promoted from FC Barcelona B.

Rail scored for Real Madrid in the 7th minute, assisted by Natureza. Luikal tied in the 20th minute assisted by Tsubasa, who scored the 2-1 in the 28th. Just before halftime, Natureza scored the equalizer with a Zero Angle Shot.

For the second half, Flavio Conces replaced Gati. Roberto Carolus scored in the 50th minute thanks to Natureza’s assist. Shortly afterwards Natureza scored the 2-4. In the 60th Rivaul entered the pitch replacing Overus, assisting Tsubasa in the 66th. In the 76th Tsubasa returned Rivaul the favour for the 4-4.

Cotu replaced Semon in the 80th, but was unable to prevent Natureza from scoring the 4-5 in the 85th. However, Tsubasa assisted Gonzales for the equalizer in the 90th minute and scored the winning goal on overtime.

Barcelona vs Rayo Vallecano (3rd)

This match took place in the 3rd round of La Liga (Spanish League) in Captain Tsubasa. It was played in the Camp Now stadium (Barcelona).

Rivaul scored twice in the first half but was fouled in the penalty area and injured in the 30th minute and had to be replaced by Luis Empoli. Pepu Grandios missed the penalty kick and Rayo seized the opportunity to come back and win the game, with the 2-3 being an own goal by Gordoba Gonzales.

Barcelona vs Valencia (1st)

This match took place in the 1st round of La Liga (Spanish League) in Captain Tsubasa.

Rivaul opened the scoreboard assisted by Pepu Grandios, but Carlos Santana scored for Valencia before halftime to even the score.

In the 75th minute Santana assisted Aimor for the 1-2. However, in the 85th minute Luikal tied the game after Rivaul’s pass.