Japan vs Germany (Final)

Japan vs Germany was the final match of the International Junior Youth Tournament in the Captain Tsubasa series.

Germany’s captain Karl-Heinz Schneider was able to score twice (minutes 21st and 52nd and both times assisted by Manfred Margus) against his Hamburg teammate Genzo Wakabayashi, but Japan got the victory thanks to a great team effort and goals from Taro Misaki (minute 25), Kojiro Hyuga (minute 40) and Tsubasa Ozora, the last goal during loss time.

Ryo Ishizaki got injured after blocking Schneider’s Fire Shoot with his face, and was replaced by Mamoru Izawa.

Japan vs France (Semifinals)

Japan vs France was the second semifinal game of the International Junior Youth Tournament in Captain Tsubasa.

The match ended in a draw (4-4) with many calls from the referee benefiting France, such us sending off Makoto Soda or not allowing a goal for Japan at the end of the first half. After a scoreless extra time, Japan won on the penalty shootout 5-4 and advance to the final against Germany. Kojiro Hyuga, Hikaru Matsuyama, Taro Misaki, Jun Misugi and Tsubasa Ozora scored their penalty kicks, and Ken Wakashimazu stopped Louise Napoleon‘s shoot.

As we mentioned, Soda was sent off after getting his second yellow card in the 10th minute for committing a foul on Napoleon while fight for a high ball in the penalty area. The subsequent penalty kick was transformed by France’s captain Elle Sid Pierre.

Germany vs Uruguay (Semifinals)

Germany vs Uruguay was the first semifinal game of the International Junior Youth Tournament in Captain Tsubasa

Ramon Victorino scored for Uruguay just 50 second after the kick-off, assisted by Daniel. Germany tied the game in the 3rd minute with a goal from Karl Heinz Schneider (assisted by Hermann Kaltz). Schneider scored two more goals before half time, the last one after Manfred Margus‘ header hit the post and after the giant goalkeeper Deuter Muller had entered the pitch.

Germany dominated the second half, with Margus scoring the 4-1 heading a crossed ball  from Franz Schester. The latter scored a free kick in the 47th minute of the game, while Schneider got his fourth goal in the 55th minute.


Japan Jr. vs Argentina Jr.

Japan vs Argentinawas the last of the group matches of the International Junior Youth Tournament in Captain Tsubasa. It would define the winner of Group C that would advance to the semifinals. Japan needed to win, as a draw would be enough for Argentina having destroyed Italy in the previous game.

Argentina scored in the first minute thanks to an acrobatic cartwheel shot from Juan Diaz, assisted by Alan Pascal. In the 7th minute the same tandem performed a similar play for the 2-0. Diaz scored again in the 10th minute using a Drive Shoot. Shortly afterwards Kojiro Hyuga shortened the difference with a Tiger Shot assited by captain Tsubasa. In the last play of the half, the Tachibana brothers Kazuo and Masao scored with a Twin Shot.

Taro Misaki tied the game (3-3) assisted by Tsubasa in the 7th minute of the second half. However, Diaz gave the lead to Argenina again after dribbling eight japanese players and shooting into an empty goal. Hyuga tied the game again with a Tiger Diving Header from Tsubasa’s high ball. With only five minutes remaining, Jun Misugi entered the pitch, and scored the final goal of the game with only two minutes remaining.