Date League Season Full Time
January 2005 International Friendly Pro (Road to 2002) 90'


Team1st Half2nd HalfGoals
Japan (U23)112


This match between Japan and a rest of the world selection team takes place in the one shot “25th Anniversary”, and it is not canon. However, its stats has been added to our database. The members of each team were selected by Captain Tsubasa fans. The most voted player was Schneider, followed in a distant second by Misaki.

Hyuga scored the first goal assited by Nitta. Schneider scored the equalizer just before half time.

For the second half the World Selection team changed its 11 players, and for Japan entered the Tachibana twins and Wazashimazu. The scored remain unchanged for half an hour, when for Japan entered Ishizaki, Akai and Urabe as subtitutes.

Ishizaki scored an unlucky own goal shortly after entering the pitch, but Tsubasa scored the 2-2 assited by Misaki.

After the final whistle it was decided that overtime would take place, but it is unkown how the match ended…

Japan (U23)

1Wakabayashi 17 GK
5Jito 15 DF
7Soda 4 DF
14Misugi DF
8Izawa 2 DM
12Matsuyama 23 DM
10Tsubasa AM
11Misaki AM
20Aoi 3 AM
9Hyuga FW
18Nitta FW
17Wakashimazu 1 GK
2M. Tachibana 8 DM
3K. Tachibana 20 DM
4Ishizaki 7 DF
15Urabe 5 DF
23Akai 12 DM


1Muller 22 GK
2Gentile 4 DF
5Kaltz 3 DF
7Pierre 26 DF
16Xiao 21 DF
8Díaz 18 AM
10Rivaul 24 AM
12Levin 14 AM
0Natureza 20 FW
9Santana 6 FW
11Schneider 19 FW
22Hernandez 1 GK
4Owairan 2 DF
3Radunga 5 DM
26Davi 7 DM
6Kluivoort 9 AM
15Zangief AM
18Schester 8 AM
21Zedane 16 AM
14Pascal 12 FW
17Victorino FW
19Napoleon 11 FW
20Hino 0 FW
24Margus 10 FW