Date League Season Full Time
April 1985 Regional Qualifiers Middle School 3rd Year 60'


Team1st Half2nd HalfGoals
Nankatsu MS123
Otomo MS011


Nankatsu vs Otomo was the final match of the Regional Qualifiers of Shizuoka for the Middle School National Tournament. The winner would get a ticket to Tokyo to represent his region. Both teams had reached the final by winning each previous game by at least a three-goal margin.

Tsubasa scored the first goal of the match in the 29th minute, assisted by Mamoru Izawa. This was the first goal that Otomo’s goalkeeper Isamu Ichijo and the Otomo Quartet (Nishio, Nakayama, Urabe and Kishida) had conceded in the tournament.

Otomo tied the game in the 18th minute of the second half, thanks to second year forward Shun Nitta, who was assisted by his captain, Hanji Urabe. However, just two minutes later, Tsubasa scored again, this time assisted by Teppei Kisugi. In the 56th minute Hajime Taki scored the final 3-1 for Nankatsu after a pass from Tsubasa.

Nankatsu MS

1Morisaki GK
2Nakazato DF
4T. Oda DF
6Takasugi DF
14Ishizaki DF
5Iwami DM
8Izawa AM
10Tsubasa AM 29', 50'
3H. Nagano FW
7Taki FW 56'
9Kisugi FW

Otomo MS

1Ichijo GK
3Nishio DF
4Nakayama DF
10Urabe DM
11Kishida DM
9Nitta FW 48'