Nankatsu vs Toho was the final match of the Middle School National Tournament. This confrontation was an epic battle where both teams gave everything they had.

At the end of regular time, the score was 3-3, with both team captains (Kojiro Hyuga and Tsubasa Ozora) scoring a hat-trick. In extra time (two halves of ten minutes) each of them scored another goal, so the score was a 4-4 tie at the final whistle. The rules did not contemplate a penalty shoot-out, so both teams were declared champions.


Date League Season
July 1986 National Tournament Middle School 3rd Year


Team1st Half2nd HalfGoals
Nankatsu MS21 (1)4
Toho MS30 (1)4

Nankatsu MS

1Morisaki GK
6Takasugi DF
14Ishizaki DF
5Iwami DM
8Izawa DM
10Tsubasa AM
7Taki FW
9Kisugi FW

Toho MS

1Wakashimazu GK
4Koike DM
15Sawada AM
9Sorimachi FW
10Hyuga FW