Date League Season Full Time
May 1995 International Friendly High School 3rd Year 90'


Team1st Half2nd HalfGoals
Japan (U19)202
Japan 731114


This Japan vs Real Japan 7 match was the first of two friendly games that coach Minato Gamo set up during traing camp in preparation for the World Youth Tournament. Real Japan 7 consisted of seven japanese players not selected to represent Japan Youth (for different reasons) assembled to test the japanese team skills and real potential.

This was a 7 vs 7 match that consisted of three 30 minute halves. Japan Youth used all their team members, while Real Japan 7 made no substitutions and won each half (3-2, 5-0 and 6-0) for a final overall score of 14-2.

It is known that former Nankatsu and Otomo player Hanji Urabe (who would later join Japan Youth) scored a goal for Japan 7. Half uruguayan forward Ryoma Hino (who would later play for Uruguay in the World Youth Tournament) and captain Nobuyuki Yumikura also scored at least one goal. Only Kojiro Hyuga was able to score (twice) against goalkeeper Michel Yamada.

Japan (U19)

1Morisaki 22 GK 29'
5Jito 4 DF
12Matsuyama 7 DF
11Misaki 2 AM
15Sawada 3 AM
9Hyuga 19 FW
18Nitta 25 FW
22Sasaki 1 GK
4Ishizaki 22 DF
7Soda 14 DF
2M. Tachibana 8 AM
3K. Tachibana 16 AM
19Kisugi 9 FW
25Taki 18 FW
22Kishida 4 DF
14Takasugi 7 DF
8Izawa 2 DM
16Sano 3 AM

Japan 7

1Yamada GK
3Sakaki DF
5Urabe DM
7Sugimoto AM
8Okano AM
9Hino FW
10Yumikura AM