This was a friendly match that took place in Mexico, where Japan was doing their trainning camp for the Olympic Games. It consisted of three periods of 30 minutes, and Japan won all of them (7-0, 5-1, 4-1). Every japanese player in the training camp was able to participate.

Kojiro Hyuga scored the first two goals of the match, asisted by Ken Wakashimazu (who played as a forward) and the captain Tsubasa. It is not known who scored the rest of the goals.


Date League Season
May 2014 International Friendly Pro (Rising Sun)


Team1st Half2nd HalfGoals
Japan (U23)75 + 416
New Zealand (U23)01 + 12

Japan (U23)

1Wakabayashi 21 GK
4Ishizaki 23 DF
5Jito 2 DF
7Soda 8 DF
14Misugi 22 DF
12Matsuyama 16 DM
10Tsubasa 15 AM
11Misaki 25 AM
20Aoi 26 AM
9Hyuga 13 FW
17Wakashimazu 18 FW
21Morisaki - GK
2G. Igawa - DF
22Soga - DF
23Urabe - DF
8Izawa - DM
16Sano 6 AM
15Sawada - AM
25Kazami - AM
26Furukawa - AM
13Sorimachi 19 FW
18Nitta 24 FW
-Nakanishi 21 GK
-Yamada 2 GK
-Kishida 22 DF
-Takasugi 23 DF
-Sakaki 8 DF
-Yumikura 15 AM
-Sugimoto 25 AM
-Okano 26 AM
6Taki 16 FW
19Kisugi 13 FW
24Oda 18 FW